Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jack learned his lesson... and then some

Wilfred was on his way to his house when he heard a shout, "Hey! Buddy!"

It was Jack, his next-door neighbor, having a leisure breakfast with his wife Bernadette in their garden.

"Hey buddy! Looks like you're not mowing anymore, and what a neat garden you have!" said Wilfred.

"Of course, I followed your advice buddy! I called the number you gave me, and now, I'm no longer a lawn-mowing slave," replied Jack with a grin.

"And not only that, I had my house renovated too! But instead of trying to do it by myself, like I always do - I called VanRossun Contracting & Consulting, a great Austin remodelling contractor to do the work for me! Like what you told me, I don't need to do everything by myself."

"That's nice buddy," said Wilfred, "but why would you want to renovate your house? It looks fine to me, I honestly don't think it needs any repair."

"Well, we need to make room for the new baby buddy!" replied Jack, as he gently caressed Bernadette's tummy.

"I'm happy for you buddy! Congratulations to you two!" as he shakes the hands of the couple.

"Thanks, " said Jack, and continued "and I owe it all to you buddy!"

"Me?" asked the puzzled Wilfred, "what have I got to do with that?"

"Remember telling me to free myself so I can spend 'quality time' with my wife?" said Jack, with a wink.



Virginia Gaces said...


Not bad, not bad. I'm learning to love your flash fictions. Really. now I'll be a quidnunk waiting for the next post. he he he.

Jan said...

We all can use lots of quality time. Often times, we make do with patch work like quality time, a little here and a little there. Not much, it seems it's all we can spare.

I'm guilty of this, too. I'm in desperate need of alone time with myself. And the sad thing is that I keep postponing it. *sighs*

Roy said...

hehe... I'm just glad that the situation 'presented itself' to me lol

hey! you're here! you read and commented!

I'm celebrating tonight!

I'll drink a half-can of SML (a drop more and I'm dead) lol

Mel Alarilla said...

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Roy said...

hahaha! baka hindi naligaw Mel, because I remember receiving one just like that... mukhang hindi lang na-update...

nothing materializes though

thanks Mel