Monday, July 6, 2009


have I tried my best?
have I given it all?
have I been too open
or have I been too close?
have I been chasing too many dreams
or have I been too confusing?
have I spoken too loud?
have I whispered too low?
that all of my words echoed in the wall
haven’t I cared enough
or haven’t I loved enough?
haven’t got any answer
haven’t got any sense
have I been a fool?
too long.

October 11, 1991
1:15 PM
Angeles City


Jena Isle said...

Not too silent and not too outspoken, that's who you are.

All the best.

Roy said...

thanks Jena

Dragonblogger said...

Nice poem, like how you the poem is about questioning oneself

Roy said...

Thanks Justine!