Thursday, January 21, 2010

Do You Love Him?

Do you love him?
I wanted to ask
Do I even have the right?
I just noticed the change in you
Since you’ve met this friend of mine
Late night conversations that used to be me
Are now but silence
Not a shadow of what used to be
Choices are made
You made yours
No words need be spoken
I can read between the lines
I can always step back
And pretend it didn’t start
January 22, 2010
12:31 AM
Angeles City


jan geronimo said...

When you read between the lines, did you check if there's proper lighting? Lingering doubts can sometimes cast a nasty shadow over what we read. It's that or they chill the air and are known to snuff out the flickering candle in the room. Either way is bound to color your judgment. If I'm Merlin I'd give you the gift of a reset button to make things all right again. A second chance to make your case.

Roy said...

Yes Jan, I do need that reset button.

Jena Isle said...


Parang I'm reading something here? lol..or is it just my overactive imagination? lol...he he he... keep on, may dahilan lahat iyan. He knows what's best for him, Trust HIM.

paige said...

I am just browsing some poems and saw this. Well, it looks like i know this. LOL!. I am sure the answer is NO. Some people are just busy and have family matters to fix.

Roy said...

Hi Paige! I hope everything turns out well at you end soon. tc