Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thank you, Jhong!

Because I was busy nursing a childish depression and a nagging anxiety attack lately, I forgot to write a post to thank a fellow blogger who helped me in this blog.

I always believe in the saying “give unto Caesar’s…

Take a look at my header. I’m just loving it! It’s exactly how wanted it to be.

It was designed personally for me by blogging buddy Jhong Medina. He is always ready to help friends to who seriously need help in their logo, avatar, header, entrecard widget, and what-have-you.

No wonder he was blessed so much last year, and I’m sure he will be blessed as much this year too, because he always gives back.

Again, thank you so much Jhong for my beautiful blog header which I can truly claim my own.


Jhong Medina said...

Wow Roy! Thank you for featuring me here.... I'm very glad that you like it bro.

If you need any help as long I have some free time I would be glad to help out.


Jhong Medina

Roy said...

it's the least I could do, Jhong!

thanks again!

jan geronimo said...

Thanks, Jhong. Kasi ako ang susunod. Ahehehe. A techie friend is always a good friend to have. LOL

MinnieRunner said...

Yeah, thanks Jhong!!! Ako rin ginawa nya ng 125x125 banner, and I so LOVE it :D

Jhong Medina said...

@jan No problem Jan.... Just tell me when... it's also great to have you guys.

Jhong Medina said...

Thank madz, I appreciate, you love it.