Sunday, January 17, 2010

Will I be missed?

I have asked myself that question one time too many. Should I be gone, I mean, never to come back again... will I be missed?

Surely my kids will do, and perhaps a few people with whom I have debts will be missing me. Otherwise, I can't think of anyone, nor any reason for me to be missed.

Because aside from some lousy one-liners which make me a pathetic excuse for a has-been-that-was-actually wannabe stand-up comedian, and some double-meaning rhetoric which confuse even literary geniuses, I can't really think of any substantial contribution to society - online and offline.

Four decades of seemingly insignificant existence does not really make a person interesting, does it? So, why should I even ask such question?

And another thing... why should I even care? I won't even be there to know it.


Gem said...

I did ask myself the same question in case I suddenly get out of this world... would people miss me? How many people do really care for me? I don't have much offline friends for now in case I'm suddenly... gone (I hope NOT).

I was able to clear out debts last year, so there will even be less people who'd miss me.

Despite the writeup, I think you already know the answer to your question.

Holly Jahangiri said...

I think you know my response to this, so I'll spare you. ;)

Glad you liked my FB pics.