Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My blood pressure and my present state of mind

And so I realized that I am a mortal after all... and aging at that.

Because of a stubborn headache I have been feeling these past few days, plus a pain in the nape, I went to a nearby hospital for a checkup.

Lo and behold, my fear realized - my blood pressure was 140/100. The doctor asked me when did I start getting the high blood pressure. I said I do not know because I really do not have my BP checked. The last I had it was March of 2010 and it was normal at 120.

After giving me medicine, which eventually normalized my BP and lessened the pain I'm feeling, the doctor said I should monitor my BP. If possible, have it checked everyday.

And my present state of mind? I guess, it what's really caused everything in the first place. Being so down and depressed... and pressed for time, there is really nothing going right for me and I guess my body can only take so much of my mind's working 24/7 because of worrying.

So, will the hospital visit make me stop worrying? I don't know. But the diagnosis definitely added to my considerations.

What's next?


jan geronimo said...

You'd be all right - that's what next. You have no choice but to be all right. So take care. Or else I'd be forced to holler 'come on down and welcome to the club.' !hehehe

Roy said...

i hope so too, Jan. how are you, by the way? you've been too quiet for a long time :)