Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lord, grant me a listener..

Of love and of life
Of joys and of sorrows,
Trapped inside a chamber
A pumping cell within my vessel

Of fears and of anxiety
Of pressures and of pains
It rotates from mind to heart
But never really find its way out

Empty space and only me
Reaching out, but none to touch
Views withheld, feelings kept
And accumulate like a file of trash

To express and to share
Yet, not a single ear bother
In a blank wall, facing
Mumbling, to soothe my feeling

Of truth or of fiction
Of myths or of facts
Ideas… feelings… all hidden
‘Cause no one really care to share

Lord, grant me a listener


November 19, 1988
10:00 PM
Angeles City


jan geronimo said...

I'm a listener. In fact, it's all I ever do these days. Listening and reading. Every sigh, every silent scream, even an angry fist raised against an unforgiving and desolate sky causes a ripple to travel through the cosmos. Will it reach a friendly soul? Or perhaps the more relevant question is, will it reach the ears of those who truly matter? I'd like to think it does in its own time. But for crying out loud, please give me the patience and time because time is of the essence.

Roy said...

Hi Jan!

Nice to see you again... and thanks. How I wish everything could be easily said...