Monday, October 12, 2009

First motherhood experience would always bring special memories

Isn't it always true? Most of the time, your first experience would always bring special memories. And of course, that is especially true for first time mothers - the excitement, the anticipation, as they learn how to adapt to their new roles as shapers of the futures. Those memorable first experience with their baby... priceless isn't it?

You remember that each time you go out with your baby to the shopping malls and department stores, you would always want to buy him or her all the beautiful toys that you see, if only you can afford them. Of course, a pushchair is a necessity, no question about that. Together with your baby's first high chair, the playpen, and all those cute feeding bottles.

I remember when we had our first baby, we always want to capture every moment in pictures. The first steps, the smiles, giggles, and even when he poured his milk all over his face. You always think of it as another beautiful memory that should be captured in pictures. And we're even using the traditional cameras then, you know the film and developing stuff. So it was rather costly too. But it doesn't matter, were saving memories.

Fortunately these days, this was made less expensive with the help of
digital cameras, which allow you to capture as many pictures as you want and just save them all in your computers, or share it easily with your friends and relatives overseas through the Internet. Aahh... technology too has helped a lot in preserving all those beautiful memories.

Indeed, first time motherhood is really the best experience every mother can have. It can shape her as to what kind of mother she will be to her kids. And fathers, you also share with this joy, of course. It is also your first time too.

But don't forget to express your support to your wife... giving her flowers would be a good gesture... aside from taking your turn to look after the baby, of course.

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