Monday, October 5, 2009

WOOF Contest winners October 2, 2009

WOOF Contest – Top Picks

Fiction / Drama / Short Story

Roy – "I'm sorry, Matthew" - How long must one carry the guilt for something that was done in the past?

Jennifer M Scott – “Best Friends and the Meaning of It - The beginning of a new series called Dr Simon's Velvet Couch Monologues of Everyday People. In this one September Don confesses she wants to kill her best friend but finds something more important.

Anne Bender – “... the world faded away” - A woman's memory of a morning with her lover.


Jena Isle – “I Survived Raising My Teen” - A memorable episode in my life as a mother. The most challenging "career" in life is being a mother.


Zorlone – “Ideal Teacher” - An example of Jenanian poetry about the essence of a teacher.

Zorlone – “Brick Wall - Nothing hinders emotions than a cold and unfeeling brick wall.

Roy – “When the flame is dying...” - Do not let hatred burn forever in your heart... it will pass... let it die... let it be... so you can live in peace.

Deeptesh Sen – “An Evening in mercury” - Love in Kolkata.

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Other WOOF Contestants for 10/02/09

Fiction / Drama / Short Story

H. Benjamin Petrie – “A Couple Paragraphs of Sci-Fi War - A very short description of war in the future.

About Writing

H. Benjamin Petrie – “Why We Would Read Something - There's two reasons we would read something: i) it's well-written ii) it has an interesting story.


Roy – “Let Go, Let God - A poem about letting go of past pains, hurts and worries... and letting God take care of all our concerns.

Deeptesh Sen – “Parting at Park Street” - Love drifts away at the crossroads of a throbbing city!

Jennifer M Scott – “Autumn” - A poem about autumn written in acrostic form using the word autumn.

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