Saturday, January 3, 2009


I have been told a thousand times
That it is such a ridiculous thing
To fear of the things to come
Or things that might have been

But do they mean what they say?
Or do they understand?
What is it that bothers me
For them to speak with authority?

A man like me rarely speaks
Of the things that fill me with anxiety
Cause I know they're just nonsense
But do emotions know how to think?

But then again, I can hide
All those senseless fears inside
By doing so I keep my dignity
But I say not the same for my sanity.

October 4, 1991
10:00 AM
Angeles City

another old poem I wrote in my younger years......

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Pari said...

I stumbled on your site today, as I have been deprived from having a life for today because I have to do my poetry anthology for English. For one section, I need to find four poems from the Web and write about the poetic devices in them.
And I must say, I like your poem a lot :) It's really beautiful

Thanks for making my life easier !