Saturday, August 7, 2010

Don’t grow up so fast, my son

It all seems to be only just yesterday
When you were but a tiny tot
And now, just look at you!
You’ve grown into a fine young lad

I still remember those nine months
When you were still inside my womb
We would feel what the other would feel
Cause we were just but one

Who would have thought in a blink of an eye?
Ten years could pass us just like that
As unsound as it may seem to be
Why do I feel you’ll be out of my arms soon?

Don’t grow up so fast my son, please don’t
How I wish I have the power to stop time
So I can always have you all for mine
And forever hold you in my arms

But my love will not stop you explore
To go and seek what life has in store
Let you spread your wings and fly to your dreams
While I will be the wind beneath your wings

But what am I saying?! That is still too far!
You just turned ten, and still in my arms
I’ll savor this moment, and hug you some more
Kiss you and say, “Happy birthday to the son I adore!”

August 7, 2010
6:05 pm
Angeles City

*reply to the poetry challenge submission by batchmate Girlie about a mother’s love. Her son is celebrating her 10th birthday this month.

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