Sunday, August 29, 2010

Halloween parties

With the first half of the year finish, and we are now on the second half, talks of the upcoming holidays and celebrations are in the air - fiesta, Christmas and of course, the Halloween. Although not really a popular celebration here in the country, there are some subdivisions that do observe this festivity. Kids coming out in costumes and knocking at every door looking for sweet treats. Some houses are even throwing away parties where friends come in different costumes. A lot of people like to dress up and live out their fantasies.

Vampires, zombies, animals and even superheroes costumes, complete with gadgets and accessories to make them standout in the crowd, because I believe most of the time, there is a best costume award in these parties. To make their play up character even more convincing, some even wear Halloween Contacts for full effect on their facial features. These contact lenses make them a scarier vampire or a more convincing Catwoman - fiesty, red or shining, if needed be.

I haven't been into any of these Halloween costume party, I just see them on TV, newspaper and magazines and on the Internet, but they sure look like fun. Would love to attend to one these parties one these days. I just hope there aren't any real vampires pretending to be just one party-goer.

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