Friday, August 13, 2010

Too big for my dreams

I am too big for my dreams
And it ain’t just wishful thinking
Too big for my dreams
Soon you’ll hear my name being screamed

When you thought that I was down
And expected me to be out
Guess again, but I ain’t
I'm not going to give up just like that

Watch me as I spread my wings
See me soar and conquer the winds
Slowly now, I’m reaching for my dreams
Without fear of horizons unforeseen

You thought you’ve seen the end?
Guess what? You ain’t seen nothing yet
Hear me shout… hear me scream
Cause I am just too big for my dreams


August 13, 2010
6:12 pm
Angeles City

*reply to the poetry challenge submitted by Ricardo Legaspi – “Colossal


Neek said...

I like this poem
I'm feeling it because I feel that way at times
I am too big for my dreams, but Imma make at the end

Roy said...

Thank you very much Neek!

This is one of my personal favorites ;)