Thursday, August 5, 2010

Queen of the night

As she walked in, the music seemed to stop
All eyes were upon her, as she gracefully stride
Men were all too bewildered, as if in trance
For they’ve never been in the presence of such sophistication
While the women were either jealous or threatened
Like animals whose territory is being encroached

While everybody stared, nobody dared
To make a move or even said a word
Not a single man dared walk to be near her beauty
Nor any woman was tough enough to confront her intrusion
Their silence was all in unison
And so are their stares

But alas! There emerged a soul from the crowd
To the surprise of all, it was Johnny, the bullies’ favorite lad
Confidently he walked in his rhythmic pace
‘Til he got near the beauty that mesmerized everybody
He bent forward, as if kissing her, but only to whisper
So the surprised crowd didn’t hear what he has to say…

“Mom, why are you here in my prom?”

August 6, 2010
12:25 am
Angeles City

*a reply to the poetry challenge for the word "cougar" submitted by Jan Geronimo


jan geronimo said...

Is it animal theme tonight? I've just been to Elmot's blog. There's this stray pit bull there, unwilling to let go of Elmot's leg - yapping and snarling and all that dreadful stuff bloggers do when they want to call attention to themselves and hopefully to their own blogs.

I turn your way and there's a lovely cougar. Now that just saves the night for me. What a pleasure.

Your cougar just might be menopausal, I reckon, but there's no evidence to support that. Queen of the night indeed on all counts.

Roy said...

my cougar needs to be sophisticated and a definite head-turner, Jan.

one that really does not need to exert any effort at all :)