Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Do we have the right to ask?

I've been there... not long ago... watching a love one fight for dear life. It's not easy. You're torn between holding on and letting go, for exactly the same reason - because you love them.

This morning, we rushed my auntie to the hospital. She was pale, she was not breathing. Thank God she still has pulse... heartbeat... albeit weak and irregular. My cousins were devastated. They've lost my uncle last year... and now my auntie, their mother is in life and death situation.

And in this situation, you can't help but ask, why? Why is this happening? Why did God let this come unto us? Why is He not helping us? Why? Why? Why? It never ends... yet we never get the answer.

Nobody knows God's ways... it's beyond our comprehensions. Sure, it's easy to say that God knows what's best for us... especially when you are not in the situation. It's really easy to judge when you're just on the outside looking in. We think we understand... but do we really?

Nobody knows... nobody understands... even those who think that they do.

Honestly, for me, the best that I can do now is ask.

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