Friday, November 7, 2008

"I know how it feels to beg"

Whenever I am writing a blog post, most of the time the article takes a life of its own. That is why I end up writing something that I never intended to write in the first place. Yet I do not edit nor delete them.

Just like my recent post, An effort to raise funds, my own little way of spreading the word about two angels who needed help. I blogged about it because I know how it feels to be there, to be helpless. And just like I said in the post "I know how it feels to beg."

I never really intended to write that there, but somehow the story reminds me of my situation then. Although it was of a different case, it was a situation wherein I was in need. I was practically begging... looking out for money to spend for my wife's next dialysis session.

I am thankful to those who have supported us then.

But most of all, it also reminded me that some people then looked at me as a con artist. People who took me as an opportunist who is only out to get some money... and it has brought my already dampened spirit lower than low.

That is why when I read the news in Philippine Star, without really anything much to share, I did the next best thing that I can do - I blogged about it, so that at least the word could spread around. Even though I just have a small influence with a small number of readers, I just hope it could amount to something.

That way, their families wouldn't have to beg themselves. They won't be looked down upon... they won't be doubted. And maybe through the power of blogs, they might receive the help that they need.

Believe me, it's not easy being a beggar... especially when you're perceived to be someone who should be successful.

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Twilight Zone said...

literally i didnt beg in the road but i feel it since we experienced not to eat the whole day when we were kids and lucky if we eat once a day, having new cloth every thanxgiving and having a shoes on bdays.