Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rags to riches... can it really happen?

Although I don't really want to use the word envy, we can't help but feel that way when we hear of rags to riches stories of people we know. While we may feel happy for other people's fortune, we also wish that we could be as lucky too. But guess what, rising from rags to riches isn't all about luck but hard work, commitment and dedication.

This is what Efren 'Bata' Reyes gave to become a world champion billiard player. Manny Pacquiao did not reach his status overnight but through years of continuous training and discipline. The same goes true with our bowling hero Paeng Nepomuceno. Nothing is really sweeter than the fruits of long and hard labor, instead of instant fortune who doesn't really last long.

This is what the students of Nouveau Riche are experiencing, reaping the fruits of their success because they dared accept the challenge of the opportunity. The opportunity of making it big in the real estate investment business.

Nouveau Riche
actually means 'New Rich' in French. No wonder then than graduates of the Noveau Riche University are fast becoming Nouveau Riche themselves. They have become a living proof that rags to riches stories can happen... if you work hard for it.

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