Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I have a hole in my socks....

I have a hole in my socks
and nobody knows
I am dressed so dandy
so nobody cares
I am cool and decent
nobody knows what’s down there
isn’t it swell?
I have a hole in my socks
and nobody cares

I wear a smile on my face
and it’s all that everybody see
they don’t have a hint
what I really feel inside me
they don’t really give a damn
of what they don’t see
and they don’t need to know
that inside I am filled with pain

I wear a hole in my socks
with a smile on my face
nobody needs to know
nobody seems to care

January 7, 2005
10:22 am
San Fernando, Pampanga


WebbieLady said...

Darn Roy! You¨re so talented! Who can imagine a whole in the socks can be this ironic and meaningful and poetic?

Congratulations for this week's Top WOOF pick! I do love your works.

Was that you in Jana's blog? The same Roy?

Roy said...

I smiled when I read your comment Webbie, I thought you were mad, hehe...

thanks for the compliment!

I don't I am that same Roy. Not quite sure though, will check out.

But if you were referring to Jena, yup! that was me.

zorlone said...

I wonder if this was made to function as a song or a jingle. The fun rhythm kinda theme of the poem caught my attention and made me want to finish reading till the end.

This will be another good entry for the WOOF.


PS. This is the Roy by day. hehehe.

Roy said...

Nope! This was not meant to be a song, although I also write songs.

My inspiration actually here was that, I was actually wearing socks with hole on that day... and it was the early months of my wife's dialysis.

Jan said...

Lovely metaphor, Roy. You couldn't have said it better.

We each have our little holes. Some put up a brave front about having hit you can't tell the difference. Some cover it with humor. Some just don't cover it at all, laying it all out on the sidewalk like so much merchandise - inviting every one to commiserate with his little hole.

Nice. This makes me pensive, a little sad, but reassured at the same time.

We're more than sum of our little holes after all. You're a perfect example of this, Roy.

Well done.

Roy said...

what can I say? I am elated by your comments.

Thank you very much Jan!

Jan said...

Aw shucks, I forgot to congratulate you for doing quite well in that poetry voting site. You and Z. That is well deserved, Roy.

Roy said...

thank you very much Jan!

Jena Isle said...

I am overwhelmed by the profound message contained in these simple verses. Bravo! Keep writing!

Roy said...

wow naman!

thanks Jena!

WebbieLady said...

Just notice I got a lot of typos error up there. SUch a shame. Yes, that was Jena's blog I was referring to and that was "hole" instead of "whole"...Hahah..

Maybe am indeed mad.

Congratulations again. This is a Top Pick again... great!

Roy said...

No worries about the typo, the message was clear anyway :)


The Lunch Break Blogger said...

Hi Roy,

Your poem made me smile while reading it. Good Job!