Friday, May 1, 2009

Frustrations... accomplishments... frustrations...

The start of 2009 brought a lot of promise for me. I was winning blog contests left and right, that I began to believe that this is my year. Not only did I get my own domain, I was also able to get my own web hosting... indeed, everything was doing good.

But, like a balloon that failed to fly during the hot air balloon festival, my luck went flat. Along with it came the waning of the fervor that used to be... light on the candle flickered... wanting to fade... wanting to escape, in a seemingly ordinary night.

Questions follow, as expected... why? Why hand me a pole that would reach only halfway through the climb? Am I expected to fall along the way?

I thought I was good... I can hide all those anxieties like they were holes in my socks that nobody knows. Eventually, I got tired of doing the thing I love the most... got fed up, I guess. But is that really possible?

Unfortunately, quitting is not an option. Just like a pendulum that never ceases to swing, life has to go on. Despite of all the obstacles that stand before... actually, because of all those obstacles that stand before.

It's like holding a 6 in your hand... would the third card be a 3 or a 4? I don't really need to guess, as what my (un)luck have brought me before, it would be a 4. And it's not because I expected it, it's not because I wanted it... it's because I am the one who is playing.

Complaining? Nah!

It's just me... it's just how I am...

it's my way of life


Jena Isle said...

Roy, kaya natin iyan. You have three angels, the greatest blessings a man can have. You're lucky!

Happy birthday..he he he..TLC ha-Jollibee.

Roy said...

aba! umabot pa hangga dito ang tlc :)

Amor said...

Birthday mo ba Kuya Roy? Happy Birthday!

Whatever troubles you are facing now, just remember, kaya mo yan!

And btw, Kuya Roy, I really admire your writing style, your creativity.

Roy said...

thank you very much Amor! :)

Jan said...

You're thanking Amor for which one exactly?

1. For the birthday greeting?
2. For the words of encouragement?
3. For admiring your writing style?
4. For all of the above?

Sige, I'd ask na rin nga. Birthday mo today, Roy? Di na nakatiis. lol.

If it is - happy birthday, my friend. I always feel a little down days before my birthday, during the day itself. Must be the age thing - at least for me.

As Jena says, kaya mo yan. We're just here. We can help you know. ",)

Mel Alarilla said...

Hi Roy,
Luck has nothing to do with it. We inherited so many superstitions from the Chinese and the Spaniards that are hampering our real progress in life. That's is why we hold on to people, good luck charms, etc. but the formula for life's success has always been the same since the time of the Israelites when God gave them His laws in Exodus and Deuteronomy. Following the will of God will bring blessings and abandoning or disobeying His will bring curses. If we surrender ourselves to God by accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior, then our perspective in life will change. We will still have problems, mind you, but we will have that confidence that our Father will never leave us nor forsake us and that He will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. And we will have that extreme assurance of eternal life with Him that is why we change our focus from the here and now to the everlasting. You are a writer Roy and you can use your God given ability to glorify His name in everything that you do. Then He will take care of you as a loving Father does to His child. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Roy said...

@ Mel

thanks, first of all for calling me a writer :)

and all those nice advice

@ Jan

you really want to be specific lol

yes, it's my birthday month as I have posted in my REFLECTIONS. if you'll ask me when, I'll give you the same answer I gave to Jena

"somewhere between May 1 to 31"


Dee said...

Hi Roy. :)

Cheer up. Life is really like that. Nothing new, nothing to be surprised about. One good way of making it through is just to count one's blessings. When we do that, we realize that we have a lot to smile about, after all.

Have a blessed Sunday! :D

Roy said...

Hi Dee!

Yes, I agree!

That's why I need that book so I will always be reminded of my blessings :)