Monday, May 25, 2009


numbed... frozen...

dried tears
no use crying

trust broken
once too many
no words need be spoken

too late

no need to answer
no need to bother

soul is frozen

May 25, 2009
7:57 PM
Angeles City

*an attempt to meet the Icy Love poetry challenge


Jena Isle said...

Yes, numbness could be well equated with being icy. Numb, like - unfeeling - senseless. What a terrible feeling.

As I always say: "concise but comprehensive" poem. Bravo!

Roy said...

hahaha! you got the words combination right this time Jena, hehe

thanks for the appreciation

zorlone said...

I like the title Roy. Numbed. I can relate to this very well. he he he. Enough about me, let's talk about poetry.

Dude, this one rocks. Or shall we say it's icycool! he he he.

The more I read it, the more I get intrigued. This poet, you, are hiding your emotions in each line. could it be a past love? Hate? Lost? What?

No need to answer, the more questions thrown, for me, would indicate the reader would talk about this poem. You succeeded in that aspect.


Roy said...


"can relate" makes me want to ask why, hehe...

but as you have said, let's leave it at that

I won't say anything aside from those written in these lines ;)

jenn said...

Hi roy,this is by far one of my favorite poems you wrote. You did well with the challenge Thanks for participating!

Roy said...

yey! I passed!

Thank you very much Jenn!

Lucrecio Emerito said...

Very concise indeed. There are questions in the poem but the answers are not given. Makes it very mysterious.

But if remorse was too late and tears dried without any effect, this is one sad poem. But this subject could still be frozen numbed with the icy freezin' lovin' our community can give if he/she joins our forums, right Roy?

Roy said...

you really don't expect me to give the answers in the poem, right Luke? ;)

Lucrecio Emerito said...

No, I didn't expect you to give the answers in the poem. Mystery has it's own appeal.

Roy said...

thanks Luke! ;)

Irtiza104 said...

what a wonderful poem. Yes, trust is something which if broken, can shatter oneself completely. and if the person you love the most breaks your trust it can truly "numb" you.

it was my first visit to your blog. I am subscribing.

Jan said...

I see...the inside of a freezer that's up for defrosting.

I hear...the melodious sounds of reassuring words but I can only see the snaky coils of expelled breaths.

I smell a remembered smell that drives me insane in longing.

But it's just memory for now. Even that can't last when icy water courses through one's veins, when the betrayed body succumbs to sleep and dies even before it has actually died.

Ano ba naman ito. Sana nag Twitter na lang ako. Di ako marunong maghandle ng ganito. Haysss.

Yaya, tissue natin? Bilis!:(

Roy said...

thanks for dropping by my humble abode. I'm glad you like my poem

that comment is a perfect example that you can write poem too! ;)

Lucrecio Emerito said...

Ang lalim naman ng sinulat ni Jan. Roy is right. Jan can write a poem too. I'm excited. I'll try this too in my next post. Afterall, I already signed up for Z's online tutorial. Hey, isn't that an idea? Why don't Z and Roy post poetry tips and tutorials in addition to their poems? Jan also writes about blogging, writing, and networking tips, right? Just askin'.

Jena Isle said...

Hi Jedi Luke,

I like that suggestion, I second the motion! lol...It has been moved and seconded that the suggestion be implemented ASAP.

jan geronimo said...

Some notes:

1. May 27 - Luke offered a motion.
2. June 12 - Jena seconded the motion.

Ahahaha. Haba ng gap. Nakatulog ang mga Jedi Masters. Nahawa sa power siesta ni Doc Z. lols.

Roy said...

hahaha! aba, at nalaman mo agad Jan, hehe...

but you know what they say...

it's better late than later ;)

jan geronimo said...

I've got my ears on the ground. lols.

zorlone said...

Okay, I have several questions too. Do we (roy and I) have a say about making posts for poetry tutorials? LOL

@Jan, masarap matulog e. Kapag nananaginip ako sinusulat ko. Lalu na kung ano... worth writing about. Which basically is almost every dream. Sometimes I remember to do that, sometimes I don't. Whatever, I love to sleep. O sige na will take a power nap.

@Roy, do we make online tutorials in our separate blog or in a joint blog?

@Jan sa blog ba "natin" e magkakaroon ng portion for other stuff like this tutorial?

@JenaIsle I love to teach, but I will probably ask my teacher to be there too.

@Luc thank you for the vote of confidence. Roy and I and all the Jedi Knights are part of this endeavor. Para may substitute kapag nagabsent ang teacher. LOL


jan geronimo said...

@Doc Z - that's a great idea. We should have a category for creative work such as poems, short stories.

We should also have a category on Lifestyle and Entertainment. Example post: "Ang mga OMG cutie crushes ni Doc Z" Or "Roy is scowling at whom now? Take a wild guess."

Wala lang. It's a Saturday - pagbigyan ang LJ. Gusto ko na umuwi sa bahay. My ass is "numbed" from sitting here all day at the store. Ahahaha

Jena Isle said...

Hello Jedi knights,

Tuloy-tuloy na ba ang plano na iyan? Can be ! can be !(translated in tagalog-puede ! puede!)

With two illustrious poets with us, one master jedi journalism graduate and an array of talented writrers, what can go wrong? ( doon na lang ako sa kung saan ang clinical chemistry)

Roy said...

hindi ako maka-comment hehe...

kaya ko bang magturo?

baka wala akong maiturong matino hehe...