Friday, May 22, 2009

i thought i was tough

i thought i was tough
but life is tougher
i thought i was strong
but life is stronger
'times i managed to push back
then life pushes back again... even harder
don't see this coming to an end
no, not from where i stand
i thought i was tough
after all that i've been through
then to my surprise
life dishes out something new
will i ever see this end?
i don't think so
not from where i stand

November 25, 2004
12:10 PM
Angeles City


zorlone said...


We are all small compared to what life is really all about. Makes me thankful that I don't know everything and I don't see everything that is happening around me.


Roy said...

Hi Z!

thanks for appreciating my works

Snow said...

I had several times in my life that I thought hard pero come to think of it, God just wants me to be stronger. Nice poem!

Roy said...


I'm glad you like the poem.


Jena Isle said...

Crispy, parang fresh from the mean short and direct but cool.

r said...


thanks Jena!

Lucrecio Emerito said...

Nov '04 mo pa pala sinulat to Roy? Matagal ka na pala poet. Yeah, life is tough but that's life.

Roy said...

yup! I started in 1986 actually. I'm in my fourth notebook now

HealthNFitnessLady said...

Very meaningful!

AMazing when read and seems really simple but I am sure I cannot compose a beautiful poem as this.

jan geronimo said...

I'm sure mainit na kape lang katapat nyan. Siguro naubusan ka no? Ahehehe

Roy said...

haha! coffee is one thing will never run out of in this house, Jan ;)