Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stress buster

I haven't actually played it yet, but my friend says it's a great stress buster. He's been harassing me often, trying to pull me away from my blogs.

"Come on! Let's do something in the real world!" he would always say to me.

He's been bugging me for months now to join him in paintball events, and I think I'll go with him just so he would stop bothering me. Because I really don't think he'll stop until I give in.

I researched about it on the net and found it to be really interesting. I found some great paintball online stores as well. One particular paintball online store that caught my attention was the Ultimate Paintball site, because they got all those realistic equipments and other stuff there.

I can't wait for my orders to arrive, so I can finally shoot my pestfriend whose been bugging me.


Jan said...

Wohoo - Paintball battles seem a lot of fun.

Go for it, Roy. Then surprise us with a good account of it as is customary with you.

That will a good way to unwind. ",) Just don't startle the opposing team with your yells of: "You certified idiot! You suck!" Remember your detractors in blogging?


Roy said...


they would a good moving target Jan :)