Thursday, May 21, 2009

I'm A Bad Liar

I am well, I am fine
I am dandy, I feel grand

I earn my keeps, with lots to spare
In the littlest time, that I must tell

While others toil and break their back
I recline on my chair with feet so high

Sipping from my cup the perfect blend
Of freshly brewed coffee, it’s just so swell

This blogging thing is really fine
Just like picking diamonds from a shallow mine

Wouldn’t you wish it could be you?
I see you turn green in envy too

Oh, believe all the richest it brings
Money harvested on this blogging thing

May 21, 2009
6:11 PM
Angeles City


Jan said...

Cool. Yeah, let them turn green in envy, Roy. You've got it made. I almost snorted my coffee reading this.

Never fails to delight me, Roy. Your sweet comedic turn.

Is Doc around? Am I first this time? Got to go. Before Doc Z conscripts me to watch his rejoinder to this yummy poem. Ahahaha

Roy said...

The doctor is not in yet, maybe he's into some 'minor operations' again lol

Lucrecio Emerito said...

Wow. Now I want to blog. :D But I don't even have AdSense yet. :(

Roy said...


Go ahead Luke!

you're missing out!


zorlone said...

I just saw this...

this is a beautiful poem Roy!

Sometimes telling the truth is just more hurtful and lies are easier to say.

@Jan I'm here!!!


Mel Alarilla said...

Hahaha, speaking of sarcastic poetry, this one tops it all. You have communicated your frustrations in blogging in terms of not earning the financial rewards you should get from it. Blame John Chow for this. When I was new in blogging, he painted the rosiest picture of accumulating easy money through blogging. Well as time goes by the bubble burst and the poor blogger was left with just his passion for blogging with a little peanut money on the side, not much to support one's family. Thanks for the poem. It really hit its mark. God bless you always.

Jena Isle said...

Brief but concise, as I always say. It paints a vivid picture.

Roy said...

thanks! coming from you, it's a great compliment to be told that

Aside from rants, I love doing satirical lines. Most of the times though, I tend to go overboard, hehe

thanks for appreciating the poem

thank you very much! I was really planning to make it longer, but I'm afraid I might destroy my work, hehe

Jena Isle said...

hi Roy,

When I re-read my comment, I was laughing with a big HUH???he he he...sorry po, ang ibig kung tukuyin ay : "CONCISE BUT COMPREHENSIVE.." Kulang lang po sa battery noong nagising....he he he...

I usually demand this type of answer from my students. "CONCISE BUT COMPREHENSIVE..." Meron ba ganun? Puede ba iyon? Well, it is a talent to come up with one, and that's what you did...brilliant, Roy!

Roy said...


at least you didn't blame the keyboard this time Jena ;)

Jan said...

Says Roy to Jena: "at least you didn't blame the keyboard this time Jena ;)"

Oh Roy, You're a riot. ",)

And to use Jena's delightful turns of phrases, with Roy at the keyboard, we are in for some splendid treats indeed.

Roy said...

Hi Jan!

I'm just too comfortable with Jena hehe...

Jan said...

And this makes the conversation truly enjoyable. Many layers to it. Fun. Delightful head butting is too strong a phrase to describe it. And full of meaning, too - which is apt to escape the notice of casual observers who usually concern themselves with dropping their pathetic request for a link exchange.

Or a lame pitch to be included in the Top Ten List of Chorva Whatever. lols.

I say: Dyan ka lang sa pinto. Don't go nearer. If you know what's good for you! ahahaha.

A good banter between and among strong, opinionated but respectful brilliant minds is always a delight. And is often times worth its weight in gold.

I will not exchange this for several instances of crappy link exchanges. Any day.

Roy said...


that's quite a comment Jan

one that is in-tune with the 'present times' lol

Jan said...

Only because I can be relied upon to be truthful - once in a while.

I'm such a bad liar myself!

Jena Isle said...

lol...Jan, I like your equanimity amidst all these meandering conversations...and you have a sharp tongue...he he he..I mean this positively. I guess candid should be the apt like people who are transparent and sincere.

Roy, JS kit mo na rin kaya itong comments dito? lol..

Nice being with you guys.

Jan said...

@Jena: Thanks, mam Jena.

Now, you've seen me in action. Did I scare you? ",)

I'm not that candid every time. It's only with the company of Roy and a few select people that I let my guard down. It's my blogging yoga. It's how I get my zen in blogging - being with the right people and talking with them with no filters as much as possible.

With others, I'm diplomatic and very anxious to seek a common ground or interest. Usually, I'm just another bland, nice guy. ",)

Roy said...

"With others, I'm diplomatic" lol

I just love being with the company of friends, you won't have problem saying....

"you have something peeking out from your nose" lol

Lucrecio Emerito said...

I'm missing out, Roy? Yeah, I think so too. Don't have adsense yet but looking at Dee's is certainly not encouraging. Not like the one in your poem. :D

Yeah, this poetry is like a girl's shorts, Roy. Long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to be interesting. ;)

Roy said...

oh yes, with that kind of traffic you're getting in your blog, you should really put something on it.

yes, it's not really encouraging, but at least someday it would amount to something.

I love you description of a girl's shorts 'long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to be interesting!'

so accurate ;)

Jan said...

Me, too. I like it. Aba, that's almost like a good old fashioned Yodaism ah. ",)

Webbie's Travels said...

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Wanderer said...

As always your compositions leave me in owe, Roy. Keep it up.

But to tell you, my all-time favorite is the "medyas" poem... 'bout your socks with hole. I do love that one! And I dunno why I canot forget it...