Monday, May 4, 2009

The cost of peace of mind

Johnny was on his way to work when he saw Dave walking towards him. He tried to turn back so he can avoid him.

"Hey! Johnny!" it was too late, Dave already saw him...

"So, what say you on that term life insurance I'm offering you?" Dave asked

"You know I don't believe in insurance Dave" Johnny replied

"Well, I do know that," said Dave "but I also know how much you love your wife and your darling little Catherine..." he continues, "tell me Johnny, how much do you have in your bank now? If you, knock on wood, met an accident today, do you think that your wife and daughter can live with that amount?"

"When you think of it Johnny, we really don't know what lies ahead of us. I know you want the best for your family. But, will always be here? Getting an insurance may not actually be for you, but for your wife and daughter... the only thing that's it in for you here is your peace of mind."

"Now that you put it that way... okay, see me in the office tomorrow" Johnny said, giving up.

"Great decision buddy! I'll be in your office first thing tomorrow morning! And I'll bring you the life insurance quotes so you can choose your plan. Nice talking to you Johnny! See you tomorrow!"

"Okay buddy, tomorrow...." and he whispers to himself, "... I really hate that fast-talker."


WebbieLady said...

Talk about sales talk! I like your paid posts actually, very creative that they do make me grin ear to ear. ^^

Roy said...

I tend to get creative when I'm desperately in need lol

thanks Webbielady!